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               Pamper Yourself



And a Loved One

Invite a friend to Sew Goddess Salon! $10 off your visit for every new client referral!

*For a limited time, purchase a gift card and receive a discount on your next sew in install & maintenance appointment*


Love on a woman or child in need by donating your gently used hair care products. All participants receive $10 off a deep cleanse or maintenance service!

Get a free deluxe spa shampoo with any service when you purchase The 'Perfect Choice' Hair Growth & Restoration System 

During the month of May, Schedule a Braidless Sew in or any Sew in with hair included and get 50% off your routine Maintenance Service!

Special Offers: Welcome

Bundle & Save


With Your Hair Purchase

Visit our affiliate online virgin hair store and receive $20 off your next service + promotional discounts on your hair purchase

with Promo Code: SHESTYLESHAIR

Class in Session


Sew Like a Professional*Sew Maintenance*Care for My Hair

Get one on one professional learning sessions covering weaving techniques, maintenance between salon visits, natural hair care, braiding,  hair care for children and more. Contact us today for sign up details.

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